Queer themed Short Film Contest

Edition 2023

Short film competition Holebikort – November 7, 2023.

Tonight, on the opening evening of the Holebifilmfestival, the winner of the queer short film competition Holebikort was chosen for the thirteenth time. The nominated short films were:

-       Christopher At The Sea – Tom Cj Brown (Frankrijk, 2022)

-       Doll – Carlos Alberto (Spanje, 2023)

-       A Short Story About Love – Miguel Machetti  (Spanje, 2023)

-       Dejà Vu – Gal Zigmond (Israël, 2022)

The audience selected the winner from these four nominees.

Holebikort (€2000) winner:  Dejà Vu – Gal Zigmond (Israël, 2022)

Winner Theme Award (€500): Waiting - Ali Debie from Belgium.

Bravery Award winner (€500): Ga (Gaang nga Alayonan) by director Marson James Simacon from the Philippines.

It was an exciting competition, but in the end jury chairman Bruno De Lille was allowed to present the winning check of € 2000 to Gal Zigmond, from Israel with his short film Dejá Vu.


With the presentation of the Theme and the Bravery Award, the LGBT Film Festival is clearly focusing even more on diversity this year.

The winner of the Theme Award was presented to Ali Debie by Maarten Truijen, Mister Gay Belgium, to the director Ali Debie from Belgium. Best short film with the theme “Student Films”.

What is beautiful in this film is the expectations of the other person: an image of the person 'who is not there'.

Best expressed as waiting for Godot, the person who will never come.

The Bravery Award, presented by OutTV, aims to put a short film that shows real courage in the spotlight. In 'GA' there is the moving mother/son Scene, that unconditional love in contrast to Ron's behavior, convinced us to present this award to the short film Ga (Gaang nga Alayonan) by director Marson James Simacon from the Philippines.

Holebikort is a contest organized by the LBGTQ+ film festival Holebifilmfestival

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