The Holebifilmfestival was organized for the first time in 2001, when a dozen LGBT-themed films were screened in the smallest cinema in Leuven. During the next few years the festival became more widely known and gained more visitors. More film screenings were organized and the festival moved to two larger movie theaters. After a few years screenings were started in other cities throughout the province of Flemish-Brabant, supported by the provincial government.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary, a grand opening night was put together for an audience of a few hundred people. Several Flemish celebrities took part in this event, that was dedicated to LGBT films. Specifically for this theme, a short film contest was organized, holebikort. This contest was the thread that bound the show together, and the audience was given the final word on the final score of the winners.

Because of the unhoped-for success of this contest, and due to the many international participants, it was decided to continue the initiative the following years, each time successfully. In 2023, the contest is organized for the 14th time.

These are the winners of the previous editions:

  Country Film Director
2023 Israël Déjà Vu Gal Zigmond
2022 België DEADNAME: Sid Anthony Pieck
2021 Spain Lo Efimero Jorge Muriel
2020 United Kingdom S.A.M Eyre and Ely
2019 Spain Cocodrilo Jorge Yúdice
2018 Sweden Löftet Paula Gustafsson
2017 Belgium Calamity Maxime Feyers & Séverine De Streyker
2016 United Kingdom Balcony Toby Fell-Holden
2015 Germany Schleierhaft Tim Ellrich
2014 Spain Moiré Estefanía Cortés & Juancho Bañuelos
2013 France Le maillot de bain Mathilde Bayle
2012 Belgium Kus me zachtjes Anthony Schatteman
2011 Belgium Hudûd Federico Ariu
2010 Netherlands Suikertrip Sia Hermanides

There's also a full overview of all awards and nominees

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