1. On the occasion of the Holebifilmfestival, a contest in short films with an LGBT theme is organized. The purpose of this contest is to promote short films with an LGBT theme.
  2. Everyone is allowed to participate in this contest, directors from Belgium or abroad. Only members of the contest's jury and organizers of the Holebifilmfestival are excluded from competition.
  3. Conditions to be fulfilled by the participating films :
    1. The LGBT theme must be clearly present in the short film. Works of any sort will be accepted, among others fiction, documentary, animation, video clips and video art. However, pornographic short films are not allowed.
    2. All participating films must be delivered with subtitles in English or Dutch.
      • These subtitles must be delivered as a SubRip (.srt) file. This format is preferred by the organization. It will allow the subtitles to be translated in Dutch.
      • Exceptionally, films can also be accepted with subtitles that are embedded visually in the video stream.
      • As a last resort, films for which a simple dialogue list is delivered can also be accepted. The delivered format can implicitly affect the results of the selection procedure.
      • The Holebifilmfestival is allowed to translate the subtitles for public exhibition.
    3. The duration of the film is at least 2 minutes and at most 20 minutes.
    4. Production of the short films entering the contest must have been completed in 2018 or later, older films are not accepted.
    5. The participating short films must be delivered in a resolution of at least 1280x720 pixels (HD 720p). The quality must be sufficiently high to be shown on a cinematic screen in a movie theater. Furthermore, the film must not contain any watermark or other disturbing elements. Since the films are shown to the jury, it is of utmost importance that this is done in optimal conditions.
    6. The short film is registered for the contest with the agreement of the producer and director. The participant must have to his/her disposal all the rights on the submitted film.
    7. The participation in the contest is free of charge.
    8. The short film has to be offered for download to the organization on a multimedia site or other download site or file server. The organization will not make the received URL or any of the downloaded materials available to the public. The film must be offered in a reasonably common video format.
    9. One participant may submit multiple films, in this case a separate registration form must be sent in for each film.
    10. Submissions to earlier editions are not allowed to participate at the contest again.
  4. By participating, permission is granted to exhibit the short films during the 2020 and 2021 editions of the Holebifilmfestival ( As well as the permission to exhibit the short films for educational purposes in 2020, 2021 and 2022. For all these screenings, no compensation for author’s or other rights can be claimed. When exhibited, the name of the director will always be mentioned. 
  5. Every participant guarantees that he/she fully is the rightful claimant of the participating works. That it concerns an original work and not a reproduction or a copy of an existing work. The Holebifilmfestival cannot accept any responsibility of possible infringements of the copyright of third parties and it cannot be held responsible in case of copyright abuse. When a complaint is lodged by third parties, the participant will take all responsibility and exempt the Holebifilmfestival.
  6. How to enter the contest?
    1. Participants need to register before sending in a short film. This can be done by filling in a registration form on the website Registration needs to be completed before 30 June 2020. Your registration will be assigned a registration number and will be confirmed by email.
    2. At the latest on 30 June 2020, all submitted material must be in the possession of the organization of the contest.
  7. How are the films evaluated?
    1. The entries are first assessed according to the requirements listed above.
    2. Then the organization makes a pre-selection. This short-list will be presented to the members of the jury. The pre-selection is up to the organizers of the contest and is done only after the film has been viewed by at least three members of the organizing committee.
    3. A jury will make a selection of the best films out of this pre-selection. There is no possibility of redress against the decision of the jury.
    4. At the latest on 15 September 2020, you are informed by email if your film is retained or not.
    5. When no entry fulfills the requirements listed above, the organizing committee has the right not to select a winner.
    6. The selection of the jury will be shown on the award ceremony of Holebikort 2020.
    7. The audience attending the award ceremony will choose the actual winner from this selection. In case of a draw of the audience votes, the order as quoted originally by the jury determines the winner.
  8. Awards
    1. The prize money of Holebikort is the following:
      • The winner will receive the sum of 1.500 Euros.
      • The second place will receive the sum of 1.000 Euros.
      • The third place will receive the sum of 500 Euros.
    2. The prize amount is intended for the director and will only be paid on the bank account of the director.
  9. About matters that are not covered by these regulations is decided by the organizing committee of the contest. They will clarify their decision if desired by the contestant. Disputes concerning these regulations can only be communicated by means of registered post. By participating, the concerned persons declare to agree to these regulations and to the decisions of the organizers and the jury.
  10. More information can be obtained by email: and can be found on the website:
  11. The proclamation of the winner and the distribution of the prize will take place during an award ceremony on a location and a date in november 2020. The exact date will be announced later. Each participant will be invited to this event. The prize will be handed over to the winning director.
  12. These regulations are made available in Dutch and English. In case of dispute, the Dutch version will be effective.

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